Wishlist with wished features - Add items into wishlist with options and allow to add certain amount of items into wishlist box.

In Magento there is great features of wishlist for the users who don’t want to buy items at that time, as you all are aware about this features. But in Magento when we're going to add items into wishlist then it should just add it, no meter with its options.

When we add any product into shopping cart, it prompt error if we add it without options (for configurable, custom options products) but the same scenario is not happen with wishlist.

As I customize as per demand of one my client and here is demo for it, have a look on below image which prompts users to choose options before adding into wishlist.

Another thing is, to prevent users to add certain amount of items into wishlist.. like say to set limitations to add certain amount of items into wishlist as per store wise. Here my customization is to define the number of items are allowed to add into wishlist box with custom message, If not specify then it allowed to add as many items as client want to add into wishlist.


Magento Navigation menu of CMS pages

Hi Buddy's,

yeah, navigation menu of CMS pages.. As we aware Magento can provide us options to  make the CMS pages,.also we can display it on front end. . but things is those who are non IT people want to do such task then??

I have solution for it.. with Navigation menu of CMS pages.. Main point is, you don’t need of any developer / programmer this functionality, and you can manage it by your own.  By just single time installation or on one click.

Backend configuration:
Go on Menu: CMS >> Pages

Add new CMS page over there, In general tab there is options to select the status of “Show in Horizontal Menu”. If you “enabled” it then it would be show on frontend, at anytime you can make it “enabled” or “disabled” as per your need.

Here there is options to display on menu or not..
Frontend view.

Currently, I enabled the “about us” and “customer service”, so it display here.
However here I display in Horizontal, of course it possible to display in nay place as you want!
Just simple …

Magento Budget Box - Enter your budget and get all the items without breaking the bank.!!

Dear Friends,

Budget box, as per the name suggest user can enter their budget and will get all the items which they afford without breaking the bank. Please see the following screen shot for how it look, (you need to design it as per your store design)

How it Works; Enter your budget amount and click on “search” button, result is on front of you.

One more facility is there, it’s about the message. You can set your own message, means you don’t need to take help of any developer if you want to change the message of title and change result.

Which you seen in front end.

And you done, let me know about your feedback, it would great for me.


Magento _ Products Disabled after reaching end date through cron

Hello Dudes,

As per title say, if you would like something after reaching the specific date; my products should be disabled... It would not longer seen after reaching date which is defined for that products.

For that you just have to define the end date for that products, others things should be handle by the application code..

How it look/work.

Define the end date for the product.

Now you just have to set the CRON on server when it would reach the end date of the products.. It would make it disabled.

Let me know your feedback/ thoughts about the extension... it would be great for me.

Let me know if want this extensions.


Magento - Mass Shipment Create

Hello Dudes,

If you feel that to create the shipment is time oriented like go on each order then create the shipment one by one then I have solutions for it through it you can create the mass shipment of your orders.

You just have to select the orders then click on “mass Shipment creates” and shipment is created; same as you delete the multiple customers or change the status of products, etc…

How’s it look/work.

As you seen I checked on some orders then go on Action tab and select the “mass Shipment creates” and click on “Submit” button and shipment(s) are created successfully.

The result after creating the mass shipment..

For now it is limited editions, means if you used shipment tracking system then it not more use full, I'm looking to upgrade this edition and would bring tracking system also in mass shipment create module.
Let me know about your feedback and your thoughts regarding this extension.
PM me if you want this extension.
Warm Regards, Gaurav

Integrity constraint violation when enabling/disabling Magento modules

Once i had one task which gave following error when enabled/disabled any module (System >> Configuration >> Advanced)

Exception message: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'default-0-advanced/modules_disable_output/_' for key 'config_scope'

First i think it may be because of dublicate entry of that module; so i was checked in "core_config_data", but i found nothing over there... there is no entry of that module in "core_config_data" table.

So i execute the following query into mysql browser:

INSERT INTO `core_config_data` (`scope`, `scope_id`, `path`, `value`) VALUES ('default', 0, 'advanced/modules_disable_output/Companyname_Modulename', 0);

but it still through that error. then i checked into "config.xml" file of that module and what i found:

There is problem of naming conversion. it is

<modules> <<companyname>_<modulename>> …

Script for to remove the cache - Magento

Here i paste code to remove the cache from the magento.. magento can provide a options to us to remove cache form the admin configuration, but sometimes it not more helpful to us... so expert suggest to remove cache folder..

make one cache-clear.php file into your root folder and paste following code:

<?php require_once ("app/Mage.php"); umask(0); Mage::run(); Mage::app()->getCache()->clean(); exit("done"); ?> can call that file with :http://yourdomainname/cache-clear.phphope this helps :)Cheers,Gaurav