Magento - Mass Shipment Create

Hello Dudes,

If you feel that to create the shipment is time oriented like go on each order then create the shipment one by one then I have solutions for it through it you can create the mass shipment of your orders.

You just have to select the orders then click on “mass Shipment creates” and shipment is created; same as you delete the multiple customers or change the status of products, etc…

How’s it look/work.

As you seen I checked on some orders then go on Action tab and select the “mass Shipment creates” and click on “Submit” button and shipment(s) are created successfully.

The result after creating the mass shipment..

For now it is limited editions, means if you used shipment tracking system then it not more use full, I'm looking to upgrade this edition and would bring tracking system also in mass shipment create module.

Let me know about your feedback and your thoughts regarding this extension.

PM me if you want this extension.

Warm Regards,


  1. have you done anything regarding the changing the status of orders by mass?

  2. Well, till not.! but if you want then i can make it for you.! Please send me email for quick reply. Thanks.

  3. hi Gaurav,

    I want this extension for my store and also want to know how you create it?
    i am newbie for magento

  4. we want this extension to create mass shipment .
    how to contact you ?


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