Enable maintenance mode in magento

There is many times we need to put site into maintenance mode whenever you need to do any changes in the website
Here i can show you how you can done this.

For Magento version 1.4 and above:

you just need to create a file named maintenance.flag in your Magento root. Then, your website automatically goes into maintenance mode and after completing your works you can comment or delete this file.

If you want to edit some lines in maintenance template file.
It is present in errors/default/503.phtml

For Magento version 1.3 and below,
- create a file called index.html in Magento root and write your maintenance messege in it,
- write the following code in the beginning of index.php

    // replace with your development IP
    if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']!=='') {
      header("Location: /index.html");

Hope this help.!
Cheers :)


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